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Pet Chip Details, UK



Submit Your Pet's Microchip Number

Link your current contact information to your pet's microchip.

If your pet just had a microchip implanted or you are registering this microchip for the first time you can complete the form below to add your contact information to you pet's new microchip. There is a one-time fee of £18.95 due upon submitting your current contact information.

One time fee, free updates, edit your account anytime, add a photo, add your pet to the Lost Pet Recovery Database.

An unregistered microchip leaves your pet completely unprotected. As a responsible pet owner, it is vital that your contact information is accessible when your pet's microchip number is entered into a lost pet recovery database. This also serves as your proof of ownership. Submit your pet's microchip number and your current contact information and we will do the rest.

Your contact information will be accessible for any authority, animal shelter, veterinarian or anyone who scans your pet's microchip and obtains your pet's full microchip number. Your address is optional but keeping your phone number up to date is essential. You can always login to your pet's account and make free updates.

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